Thursday, 12 July 2018

Natural hair product

I came in contact with this product KUI when I was looking for hair care products that will clear dandruff from my daughters hair. I hate seeing them scratch their head, so I went to the super market to look for products that will stop the itchy scalp and be readily available when I need them. One of the attendant told me I will always get it on their shelf anytime. When I saw tea tree on the product, I decided to give them a try, I did not bother reading where it was made because I figured that Nigerian hair care products always have strong smell that eventually kill your desire to use them. This product is not like that, after two months, I noticed that they were not scratching their head and that we could go two weeks without washing the hair, yet no itchy scalp. That was when I decided to check  the manufacturer, my goodness a "made in Nigeria" product that  doesn't have strong smell and still delivered what it promised.
I will continue to use the product as long as they continue to improve and  provide quality hair care for my girls.

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Friday, 29 June 2018


Why are we counting the number of death during PDP and APC being in power. Is our political party using the number of death to determine their success. I had so much respect and faith in this government and our president but it seems that he is losing it too.  A General in the Nigerian army who knows when to declare war  and when his territory is under siege, is now not sure on how to respond to an attack?
Nigerians are not interested in    which political party  recorded the highest killings, we need the killings to stop and we want it done now or else  this parties will cease to exist come next election. We can not afford to  vote  people in a political party that is indifferent to our plight. This is the height of inhumanity.

Adanna Atigogo just pondering

Friday, 27 April 2018

Waste disposal in Lagos

Disposal of waste in Lagos State has become a source of worry to inhabitants of Lagos. It has come to the extent where one prays not to have full waste bucket because no one will come and carry your refuse. To make matters worse, in the night unknown people will come and dump sack of refuse near your waste bucket or drum and some will decide that the drainage close to your house is better off. I thought my case was terrible until I went to an estate in Lagos and was shocked to see barricaded heap of refuse.
If this continues, there will be outbreak of diseases due to cockroaches and rats infestation of food stuff. Increased cases of Malaria and Typhoid fever will overwhelm our already poor health care system.
Please Lagos State Government we need help since the cheapest means of refuse disposal(use of cart) had been banned, please provide us with a better option. The stench alone from these waste/refuse is enough to send one to the hospital.

Monday, 26 March 2018

Government effort

We thank the Nigerian government for bringing our girls back. I was so happy to hear the news and believe that God in his mighty power will deliver the remaining girl. No one contends with God and no one can be another persons God. Let us all work together to see that this kidnapping of our girls does not happen again.

Friday, 16 March 2018

This evil against our girls should stop !!

A lot had happened that kept me away for so long, please forgive me.
Today, I want to talk about the recent abduction of the Dapchi girls. As a mother, I can not really express how I feel right now, let alone be able to comprehend how the mothers of these missing girls will be feeling. The sad thing is that it seems the whole country went into shock, no one is saying anything, even those who came out for these Chibok girls (Bring back our girls), seem to be overwhelmed by these situations. We can not keep quiet at this point. We all should come out and scream, "This evil against our girls should stop". We cannot begin to understand the impact on a world where the future mothers are abused, traumatized and their right robbed from them, it will be hell to live in.
Please let us wake up from our shock, so that this will not be a routine. Do not say it is happening to those in the village, or the north, or the south. In every state, women should rally round to determine how best to protect our girls. Our girls should not be use as sex slaves, abused, and denied the right to live a normal life.
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Friday, 29 December 2017


I want to share an update on the use of virgin hair fertilizer cream on my hair. I was not consistent towards the end of October to this December, I became uncomfortable with the smell because I was sick.
It was in everything I wore . I decided to stop though I was noticing growth but if it worked for you and you where able to complete the challenge, please share a before and after pictures thanks.

Natural hair product

I came in contact with this product KUI when I was looking for hair care products that will clear dandruff from my daughters hair. I hate se...